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Remington Model 700 Long Range Bolt-Action Rifle


Enhanced for precision accuracy
Bell and Carlson M40 tactical stock
Free-floated heavy-contoured barrel
Aluminum bedding block
Adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger
Drilled and tapped receiver
2-position safety


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The Remington® Model 700® Long Range Bolt-Action Rifle is enhanced to hit targets at ranges extending to the horizon. At the heart of this specialized long-range rifle is the famous Model 700 action that has been proven for reliability and precision accuracy in combat with the U.S. Army’s M24 sniper rifle. The Model 700 Long Range rifle comes with a Bell and Carlson M40 tactical stock, made of solid urethane combined with aramid, graphite, and fiberglass. The barreled receiver is bedded with an aluminum block, and the heavy-contoured barrel is free-floated, providing excellent accuracy and minimal shift in zero caused by changes in the environment. The non-reflective stock and exterior metal blend in with a wide range of environments. An externally adjustable X-Mark Pro® trigger allows shooters to find the desired weight-of-pull according to their preference. The 2-position safety at the rear of the action is quick to operate with the thumb, and can also be gripped with the forefinger and thumb and moved extra quietly to the fire position. The Remington Model 700 Long Range Bolt-Action Rifle has a hinged floorplate for safe and easy unloading of the magazine, and comes drilled and tapped for scope mounts. An extra sling swivel stud on the fore-end provides an attachment point for a bipod.


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