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Geissele Super 3 Gun Trigger AR-15 Single Stage 3.5 lb Pull Colt Large Pin 05-174


Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 05-174
Super 3 Gun (S3G) trigger for use in Colt AR rifles
Large Pin
For use in Colt AR rifles manufactured from 1990 to 2009
Smooth single-stage full-automatic feel
Pull weight about 3.5 lbs
No second stage stop, no grittiness, no stacking of the trigger pull weight
Engage targets faster and more accurately
Color: Black

AR-15/AR-10 rifle systems

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Geissele Automatics was established in 2004 as a manufacturer of trigger mechanisms for the AR-15 rifle. Rely on Geissele when you expect superior performance, quality, and reliability.

This is a semi-automatic-only derivative of the two-stage Super Select-Fire (SSF) combat trigger that Geissele Automatics produces for customers in the U.S. Special Operations Community.The large pin dimension is 0.169 inches, whereas the standard pin dimension is 0.155 inches. The S3G was developed to combine the SSF combat triggers match-grade semi-automatic performance with its smooth single-stage full-automatic feel to make a fast, smooth, and robust trigger ideal for 3 Gun competition shooting.


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